Fabulous and amazing Carrier Shells. These wonderful little spiral type shells travel the floors of the sea, picking up little wanders as they go. These white colored seashells are 'collectors' shells, scooping up bits of coral, barnacles, rocks, or other small shells. They truly are nature's works of art. They are modified ever so slightly to preserve their appearance. With this purchase, you will receive ONE Carrier Shell. It would be highly usual to find one in this condition without the modifications. We do this as to only use unharvested shells because we do not support taking them directly from waters with the critter still living. These were not harmed, and were only the shells, hence the modifications. Xenophoridae pallidulaare (species of snails) are the most remarkable bunch of snails. Both their common name, Carrier Shells, and their Latin name, Xenophoridae (Xenophorids), give away their uniqueness -in Latin it actually translates to foreign carrying. A carrier shell will cement stones, other shells, coral sponges, and other debris to its shell. The individual pieces of foreign matter become larger as the snail grows and is often cemented to outer shell as a way of natural protection. Each shell is approx 4" - 5" in diameter.

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